Announcing GCS Newest Partnership with BOC​

Announcing GCS Newest Partnership with BOC​

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GCS helps you get rid of frequent Information Technology headaches, unexpected IT expenses, and improve user productivity.

Is lack of IT leadership, frequent technology problems, IT staff attrition, and fear of cyber-attacks taking the focus away from your primary business goals? GCS Managed IT Services can ensure network security, improve IT help desk services, increase employee productivity, trim down unnecessary IT expenses, and remove IT issues from your task list.

GCS provides following services:

1. IT leadership and Vision

  1. GCS assesses your current technology infrastructure, IT resources, current strengths, weaknesses and challenges to come up with a quick remediation plan.
  2. GCS reviews and discusses your business goals and understand your vision of how you think the Information technology department can help you achieve your business objectives and reduce stress.
  3. GCSs develops a quick IT plan to address immediate vulnerabilities and issues. This IT plan, later, is converted into IT Strategy and Network security strategy that supports your business goals.

2. Improves IT Help Desk Services

  1. GCS provides a quick resolution to technical support requests.
  2. Feedback: Each service ticket is followed by a user feedback survey.
  3. Quick Help Desk support: Users equipped with efficient technology tools and quick Help Desk support serve your clients efficiently and keep them happy thus increasing your client retention.

3. Reporting and Transparency

  1. Periodic Progress Review: GCS regularly meets with department managers and stakeholders to report the progress of existing projects and review upcoming projects.
  2. User Feedback: GCS discusses user feedback surveys and reviews organizational goals to ensure users are happy with services and IT services are aligned with organizational goals.
  3. Adjust Services: GCS adjusts services if your needs change. As much as possible, we do not hold you hostage to long-term contracts.

4. IT Strategy

  1. Planning: Neither network maintenance nor systems upgrades should be unplanned.
  2. IT Strategy: Keeping in view your business goals, health, and the age of your technology infrastructure, GCS develops an IT strategy for your approval and implementation.
  3. Business Goals: We explain how this strategy supports your business goals, what will be your expenditures in year one, and what these can be in year three.

5. IT Security Strategy

  1. Cyber Attack Prevention: GCS implements cost-effective tools and protocols to protect your network and data.
  2. Robust IT Security Strategy: Businesses cannot survive without a robust IT security strategy. GCS develops an appropriate IT Security Strategy and implements it.
  3. Prevent Productivity Loss: GCS ensures, as much as possible, that employee productivity is NOT negatively impacted by security rules and protocols.

6. Trim IT budgets

  1. Cost-efficient Solution: GCS develops an IT strategy that ensures your business is sufficiently protected and operates efficiently without breaking the bank.
  2. Get Rid of IT waste: GCS gets rid of unnecessary subscriptions, negotiates contracts with your vendors, and finds effective and inexpensive but effective tools to reduce IT expenses while improving the services.
  3. Poor or unstable IT Infrastructure. GCS stabilizes your Information Technology infrastructure, identifies chronic problems, and resolves them to avoid downtime.
  4. Unexpected IT expenses and shutdowns. This is the common problem when you don’t have Disaster Recovery Plan, don’t have proper backups, IT Infrastructure is outdated, software has vulnerabilities, and current IT staff not trained to fight spam, ransom attacks, or cyberattacks. GCS fills all these gaps and put your technology in better shape so that you just focus on business and leave the IT to GCS.

Skokie Location

5152 Main Street
Skokie, IL 60077
Tel: (847) 763 0763
Fax: (847) 763 1308

Chicago Location

77 W Washington St
Chicago, IL 60602-2803
Tel: (312) 739 2427
Fax: (847) 763 1308

Glenview Location

4725 Locust Ave
Glenview, IL 60025
Tel: (847) 972 2062
Fax: (847) 972 2090

Dallas Location

9330 LBJ Freeway Suite 900
Dallas, TX 75243
Tel: (972) 214 2373
Fax: (972) 666 4289

Certified Chicago IT Consulting Company

Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

Great Computer Solutions, Inc. BBB Business Review



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