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GCS has in house HR department, and we are looking for a female part time HR consultant who is preferably working in a large multi-national organization. It is evening job mostly remote with 2 to 4 visits to office per month for in person discussions with staff.

Major Duties:

The purpose of this role is to support the delivery of HR strategy, policies and procedures in line with the GCS’s Strategic Plan. It is a key role in managing change and ensuring the achievement of the GCS’s strategic goals through effective people management practices and focus on the below area:

  1. Audit current HR success
  2. Analyze and understand the organizational medium and long-term business plans
  3. Synthesize the HR vision based on the organization’s plans
  4. Develop strategic directions for the HR function
  5. Formulate tactical plans to achieve compliance of HR policies
  6. Present the plans to management for approval
  7. Drive the implementation of the plans, monitor and present results

Specific responsibilities are as follows:

  • Provide strategic direction and leadership on the development of appropriate HR Policies across the GCS Pakistan Offices
    • Assess current and future policy requirements to support strategic aims in conjunction with the GCS’s senior management.
    • Research best practices to enable appropriate design of GCS policies.
    • Manage implementation and review of HR policies.
    • Impact assessment of the equality and diversity impact of all HR policies
  • Provide strategic oversight and direction to GCS Remuneration policy and practices
  • Monitor employment legislation developments, assess the impact on GCS and develop policies to maintain legal compliance.
  • Provide direction on staff engagement so that the GCS regularly measures and consider staff feedback to improve GCS as a place to work.
  • Play a central role, in conjunction with the Vice-President/Local Team Leads in forward planning and strategy development for the Division as a whole.
  • Provide oversight of the GCS’s approach to job evaluation to maintain consistency and fairness and assess appropriate methodologies for implementation.
  • Provide guidance on the interpretation and application of HR policies and procedures within HR and across the company.
  • Critically assess and develop policies in line with internal and external influences, particularly considering the international perspective.
  • Develop a coordinated and consistent approach to the way in which the GCS engages with all staff directly and indirectly.
  • Lead development of policies which promote equality & diversity across the organization.
  • Benchmark and modernize terms and conditions, remuneration and benefits.
  • To undertake other duties commensurate with the grade as requested by the Vice President.


  • Must have at least 5 years’ experience working in Multinational company in HR field
  • Able and willing to visit our Johar Town, Lahore office in the evening
  • Must have professional certifications with MHRM or MBA HR

Please send resume to with subject:  “HR Consultant Part Time” or connect via

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