Snowden Documents Show the Scope of NSA

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In light of the NSA documents released by Edward Snowden, we are able to see what levels of encryption the NSA struggled to break through. German News Station Der Spiegel, has revealed the holes in the NSA’s encryption breaking programs.

It turns out that there are some networks that the NSA just can’t break at the time of the released documents (2012). The reports reveal “major problems” trying to access the Tor network, and reading messages sent through heavily encrypted email providers.

The NSA struggled to open files encrypted with TruCrypt, PGP and OTR chat. While this news may be comforting to some, not every service was so lucky. For example, the documents show the NSA planning to oversee up to 20,000 Virtual Private Networks (VPN) per hour. Many people use VPN to work from outside of the office and genuinely feel that it is secure, however these documents have proven that that is not the case.

The report was reassuring for the most part, but understand that they were published in 2012. There’s no telling how far the NSA has gotten since.

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